starting an ad agency and looking to hire overseas to outsource work. Should I be concerned that my clients will be poached ?

I’ve been a few Instagram brands and have been approached my companies. I’m great at selling my skills but given the amount of leads I only want to manage the work. My concern is while outsourcing overseas is a regular practice to expand outstretched resources for an agency, how do I know these agencies won’t swoop in to take my clients ?


Generally, if you're not adding obvious value with:
-better processes.
-better accountability
-better results...

Well, then you DESERVE to have your clients poached by a highly committed, high-value provider.

So, it's not "just selling" it's delivering the full package. Value. Results. Care.

Do that, and then outsource as you can.

And vet EVERY provider.

Answered 5 years ago

I have seen this happened with employees too. Employees working very closely with some clients take away few clients and start on their own. The risk is true in your case too but if you partner with an agency with a clean record and a reputation to upkeep, this won't happen. Just be thorough in running an online background check.
I run a marketing agency myself and can lend a helping hand. Feel free to email at to discuss.

Answered 5 years ago

This is a legitimate concern.
1. If you're going to be giving them a steady flow of work, it would be unwise for them to poach your clients (as they would lose future work) - make this clear to them.
2. Have them sign a short confidentiality & non-compete agreement (I can help you draft one).
3. Get references before you start using any particular company/freelance - it's fairly easy with today's freelance platforms and/or using LinkedIn.
4. The obvious: give them the minimum information possible (at first, until you learn to trust them).
I've successfully helped over 300 entrepreneurs and businesses and I'd be happy to help you.
Good luck

Answered 5 years ago

You should have a solid, non-poaching, non-compete & NDA with the agency you are trying to collaborate with.
I believe it all boils down to trust at the end of the day :)

Answered 5 years ago

Competitors, tricky empolyees and partners are always there in business. And not all of them are mean cheaters: some just realizes and make the client realizes they can do the job better than you.

So instead of being scared from day0 about being poached, why don't you start thinking HOW you can make your services so unique that people will just want you?

I work as a freelance from many many years, I manage work for companies and agencies located all over the world. Never pouched anyone, but there was one time when the guy who hired me to outsource some work was stealing money from the client without doing the job done (he was supposed to apply my content marketing strategy in a wider seo and advertising strategy but was putting the client budget in his pocket with the excuse that costs were increasing) so when I realized I told the client and fixed his problems, working directly with me.

What was more ethical? Not tell the client tbut in this why silently agreeing to the guy bad behavior? Or what I did was the right choice? For me there is no doubt.

Now, besides those extreme cases, my experience can also say that a client ready to hire an agency will keep working for an agency if he has any minimum result. Clients ready to go away with your crowdsourced guy that offered them the same work for 50% less of the price are worth to be lost.

Answered 5 years ago

As a freelancer myself, I can tell you what keeps most freelancers loyal and honest.
First of all, determine which freelancers are providing you with value, then...
Provide value yourself.
1) Pay them well - maybe increase their rate
2) Provide them with as much work as possible
3) Explore with them other task areas in which they can also contribute and earn.
4) Offer other perks, if possible (visits to your HQ, free courses that can expand their areas of work, etc.)
In other words, give them long-term prospects!
Want to talk with me? Give me a call!

Answered 5 years ago

If you are adding value to the client in terms of understanding the client’s requirement and managing the team, it is unlikely the client will have an incentive to work directly with your vendor. Most customers wouldn't want to work with offshore vendors unless the projects are big. You will have the same issue with domestic employees and freelancers also. I had ex-employees tried to poach customers in the past. Most customers contacted me to warn me about them rather than try to save a few dollars.

You have to do the due diligence with the vendors as you would with any partner. Most vendors are honest and straight forward. If you ware working with an established vendor, chances in your favor. If your vendor tries to poach your clients, there may not be any legal recourse even if you have non compete in place unless you can sue in Ukrane, India etc. Alternative would be to find a offshore vendor with US presence. In that case you would be covered under US laws instead of foreign laws.

Answered 5 years ago

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