Does sitting at home makes you weak or its an option to success?


As a lifelong student, i've come to understand what sitting does to the human body. Generally-speaking, people who sit in (and thus outsource their skeletomusculature system to) chairs for extended periods of time will develop very predictable mobility issues, which leads towards a loss of physical function. This has many implications.

Then you must consider myriad of other factors... Sitting (especially in the same environment) causes brain atrophy, and negatively impacts our glymphatic system, metabolism, and ability to control blood sugar.

Bottom line: Humans aren't meant to be sedentary. Sitting in excess creates many problems. Move or die.

Answered a month ago

If you have a routine it doesn’t matter where you are.
I don't do sports professionally, but lately I've been exercising a lot and I feel healthier. Take advantage of production time.

Answered a month ago

No ,If you really want to achieve a great goal/successful in life ,sitting at home may not really be a great option because it makes someone lazy without doing anything reasonably especially at young age.Find something good ,better to keep you busy.

Answered a month ago

That depends only on you! Try to fill your time with something useful that helps you later on. Learn a new language or a new skill, participate in hackathons to meet new people and maybe come up the next big thing, scout for opportunities. You know, currently everyone sits at home and is bored. It is the easiest time to get in contact with people that would be much to busy to talk to you during normal times....

Answered a month ago

It relies upon you. If you are willing to do something and want to acquire a great purpose, sitting at home gives you a great opportunity. Find something good to keep you busy. It is a good option to be successful sitting at home by using the internet and your knowledge. You may earn money sitting at home in numerous ways. If you need to earn money online, there are lot of resources available, however I would advise you to start with the clean and the first-rate one is youtube. The simplest thing you want to understand how to optimize your video on the way to get the search rankings. If you could succeed on youtube then you can create more than one income resource from that one youtube channel. As an example, if you have at the least 10k subscribers then you may earn money from

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The only thing you need to have some patience and consistency work.

I hope you acquire a few values from this. If you want it please share it along with your buddies who need it.

Answered 25 days ago

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