What are the best business methods for gathering an audience

I have a social network and I want to create a franchise or hype around my product, many companies are doing givaway programs to attract as many people as possible to their platforms to see if there are any more effective methods to attract customers.


I use tier marketing strategies to attract new clients. Simply stated, I use the other members of my team to work collaborately to circulate marketing materials by simulating increased traffic and tricking the algorithms of media platforms to keep circulating the content. A giveaway may be added but it doesn't matter what you give away if your content is not circulating into the hands of potential clients.

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Try to increase your audience with paid giveaway advertising

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Reach out to "influencers" or influencer types and have them start using your product and promoting it for you. Find something that you can give to them in return.

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Giveaways can be expensive and attract users for the wrong reasons unless the thing being given away is incredibly aligned with what you offer. Many startups spend a lot of money trying to give things away only to find that a month later none of the users they attracted care about or use the product.

If you have a social network, your best means of attracting more users is to get the ones you already have to invite people. Although you can give them incentives for doing this, the best investment you can make is in making the product great, and specifically communicate how much better their experience will be if they invite their friends or colleagues. Figure out where in the user flow it makes the most sense to ask them to share the network or some content within the network with their friends. Perhaps right after they post, ask them if they want to share their post to Facebook or LinkedIn. Appeal to whatever emotion is driving their engagement, whether it is vanity, feeling good about doing something for a cause, or whatever, and encourage them to tell their own network in order to amplify what they will get out of it. If it makes sense, ask them to share their Google contact list and invite people en masse.

Once you figure out the smartest places to ask them to spread the word about your platform, get very focused on making it as easy as possible for them to do it. Measure the % of people who share the network and keep iterating how your sharing or contact invitation flow works. Push those metrics upward until you start seeing diminishing returns. Whatever is working, double down on it. Figure out what is causing it to work and see if you can duplicate it, or get more people to fall into a similar funnel.

Just keep in mind that nobody shares things that suck with their friends. First and foremost, make sure your product is loved by your users. If they love it, help them spread that love as easily as humanly possible.

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It depends on the type of product. You have to attract the right type of audience, one that will truly engage with your offer and has the potential to become loyal. This is the most time consuming part but it's worth the effort. Start by creating a sales page with email capture giving away something that is related to your product (tips how to use it best, how to's related to your field, etc- something of real value that relates to your expertise/field/product). Then continue to create valuable content by reaching out to blogs, social media groups (reddit is a good one if you know how to use it), influencers -as mentioned by my colleague in here- and promote both your sales page and product.
Have a smart email campaign to welcome and keep those who sign interested/warm until they decide your offer is a good fit for them.

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Online challenges are a great and exciting way to attract more people to your product. Many online entrepreneurs are doing it right now. It's great because it allows the audience to get closer to you, know, like and trust you. They also get a transformative experience as a result of it. Then once the challenge is over, the next logical step is to take you up on your paid offer.

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Gaining audiences for through social network for franchise is a tricky job these days. Internet has pervaded our social life and our professional life to such an extent that it is almost impossible to live without it. In her book ‘STOP CHECKING YOUR LIKES’ by Susie Moore shows how social media has developed a hunger within us to seek out approval from others. The following points are worth noticing:
1. Becoming concerned with what other people think about you is a fast track route towards dissatisfaction in life.
2. The “Approval” trap occurs when you place aside your dreams and goals because you know someone else will not approve them.
3. Children learn from their parents, assuming that everything they do is right. However, parents are human beings who make mistakes
4. Do not assume that everyone around you knows exactly what they are doing-they do not!
5. Imposter syndrome is a self-limiting behaviour that causes you to question whether you deserve the success you have had in life
6. When you encounter something which upsets you, say “So what? and shrug your shoulders. It is probably less important than you believe it to be in the moment.
7. We are all going to die in the end; so, why take life so seriously? Lighten up and laugh at the things that challenge you
8. Asking yourself “is that a fact?” when something bothers you will help to break down its seriousness in your head and make you realize that it is really not that important afterall
9. Tune into your inner voice and trust it. Your intuition is the only guide you need
10. Asking other people what they think you should do means that you’re living your life for them and not for yourself.
11. Learn to see rejection as a learning curve-ask yourself what you can learn from the experience and change for next time.
Now why I am saying this to you, well it is because this is your audience, this is the way they think. They will include common man to Hollywood celebrity, from a fashion designer to a computer geek. In life they often advice each other both online and offline and this is the way they not only view each other but also brands and franchises. Even social network is also influenced by these thinking patterns. So that means the audience are extremely unpredictable for most of their judgement will rely on ups and downs in their lives. Gaining audience of this nature thus requires planning and perfect execution of your plan. Let us now understand how these unpredictable people drive industrial development:
1. Consumer trends –
Mining review sites and comparing the number of comments shown for a given type of products across several product creators can reveal significant data on how frequently a product is purchased as compared to similar products from another company. There are already sites that aggregate and collect comments, like Disqus which also have an API that allows for parsing through comments to find keywords and specific types of comments.
2. Consumer Opinions –
Like the above, but for sites that have a specific consumer orientation as well as specific methods of inputting and recording consumer data.
3. Ratings –
If only interested in numerical values, this information can be taken out and used as a very concise summary of sentiment.
4. Desires for improvements –
Review sites comments can often have in their comments expressed wished for improvements that can be made. This allows marketers to get a more realistic evaluation of what is wanted by the target group.
5. Level of Evangelism –
Some people recommend a product, while others evangelize it. The converse is also true in cases where the product or service is considered to be extremely poor.
6. Location and Density of Communities –
Those who speak about a given product may be primarily located at a single web site or spread out across several. Knowing the distribution pattern of a product type’s consumer will help to identify the areas where greater influence can be projected.
7. Degree of involvement in the product – Some products may have several small reviews. Others may have a smaller number of incredibly detailed information on the product. Both types of engagement reveal something key about consumer behaviour with regards to it.
Actionable steps on this information include, targeting areas with the greatest social influence, engaging specific users who provide valuable feedback, reaching out to bloggers of influence with promotions and incentives, altering products to suit stated needs and emulating the success factors of highly populated communities in order to create one around your product that you can manage yourself.
Depending upon what has been said above the best business methods for gathering an audience are as follows:
1. Define message: Before a social media and/or interactive internet marketing campaign is begun, it is necessary to define exactly what kind of message is needed. Some messages may be amazingly simple and, like traditional media, occur redundantly over pre-scheduled times. More advanced messages can span a period of months and involve more detailed content, interaction, and media. Many companies struggle with the concept that Internet marketing is much more than advertising, it has a wide range of tools available to it and can become much more immersive than ads that blast out to recipients. Optimized social media marketing consists of a means by which data is being collected from the target audience at the very same time that it is being communicated with.
2. Define tools, media, and channels: Once a communication strategy is defined, the required tools to make this vision will start to make themselves apparent. At this point, the company doing promotional work can map out the actual resources that will be required. Depending on the complexity of the effort, this is the point at which an enterprise marketing solution can be explored. Resources that may be required include, video shooting and editing, coding/scripting, design, Ajax, Flash, copy writing and analytics.
3. Refine message to match tools, media and channels: Once the tool set is collected or hired out, you’ll find that the message will have to be shaped to fit into the container defined by the platform being targeted. That is, if you feel that your audience only has patience for 10 minute videos, you’re idea of a 30 minute infomercial or seminar may be adjusted to a series of shorter lessons or tutorials, particularly when factoring in the possibility that you may have to pivot your content based upon viewer feedback. Messaging will also have to be adjusted in the event that you’d like a single message from one platform to reach a variety of sites. In this case, creating a media that meets the lowest common technical denominator is required.
4. Define schedule: Your message may or may depend on redundancy, serialization (A regular schedule), Community response or the times of day that most of your target audience is online. This needs to be defined and measured for affordability in terms of the media that will have to be produced.
5. Broadcast: Once prepared for content and format and schedule, the message can be broadcasted. If the above steps are prepared correctly and a service/platform for sending information is intelligently selected, this should be a simple step. Otherwise, you can find yourself submitting things manually and consuming valuable time that should be devoted to analysis and modification.
6. Collect Data: Data collection can be as simple as visiting your social network accounts and checking for responses, or as complex as gathering this data via a third-party service provider. Information collected this way can be interpreted by their interface or sent to your own business intelligence system.
7. Analyse data – In terms of marketing: The data returned is then examined for trends and insights into the market and the response to your communication efforts. Many products immediately produce graphs that illustrate the basics, like click-throughs, source and number of times a given message has been resent. Beyond this, services vary as to how much detail and tracking is included with the service.
8. Analyse data – In terms of business processes: Analysing the same data from this perspective can reveal redundancies, inefficiencies, waste, and un-utilized features/services that can eventually be phased out as a cost savings measure.
9. Modify processes and marketing strategies: Communications responses and customer feedback can then be studied for how it applies to product design and other processes that face the customer. Once communications feedback is understood, processes strategies can be modified, stopped, initiated, or expanded upon.
10. Rinse and Repeat: Once an updated or new strategy is created, it is again broadcasted thus repeating the cycle of creation, broadcast, and improvement. Optimally, all business processes are linked to a more comprehensive communication with the consumer and the vehicle of a business is propelled forward by a closer, more accurate and more granular link to the people that they serve.

Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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Your business desires/dreams, resources, segmentation will decide the platform you want to be into your brand and how you may engage along with your customers to force the most engagement for what you need to do.

In case your brand is a high strength drink with a ton of rich video content material advertising to teenagers, video primarily based networks including the vine, twitch, youtube, etc.. Are your fine guess for growth and engagement.

In case you are a popular b2c business that has a product where human beings usually need help, then a customer service revel in thru twitter or Facebook might be the quality bet for growth but now not long term engagement.

So there is no blanket solution here because there are such a lot of variables right here.

You also want to remember the fact that audience size is a fairly nugatory idea in social media. The analogy I love to use is: you can have 1,000,000 folks that like your Facebook web page however if nobody is converting and using sales or enticing along with your content then those million likes are not well worth something. You need to search for the possibilities wherein you'll be capable of continually interact with your target market over the long haul to build community, loyalty, and actions and that is dependent on the variables noted above.

I've successfully helped over 150 entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses, and I would be happy to help you. Please send me more information before scheduling a call - so I can give you maximum value for your money. Take a look at the great reviews I’ve received:

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