Sometimes when we feel we know all there is to know, or that the relationship has developed to where it can develop, the sense of needing to push forward or the motivation to continue investing becomes much less. This can attribute to the loss in desire. Also at times we as partners may feel we've lost a part of ourselves that made us once feel like we were exuberant for life. Breaking routine and inviting new ones helps us to refresh our daily life, which turns into a new habit that just might spark a new conversation into something more. Communication is key in any relationship and the duo dance is definitely a conversation.

Answered a year ago

Affection in marriage is the most important thing that keeps the marriage alive and feelings can fade becuase of these factors:

1: cheating
2:lack of responsibility by the husband
3:Abuse (any type)
4:Lack of sexual satisfaction

If you expereinced the above, then you need councelling, sit down and try to solve the issue but if the problem persists, depends with your age but if you are in yout thirtys, i dont see any point of you staying.

Answered a year ago

Firstly try to talk to your spouse about what's happening . Then try to do a personal sextual check if I can call it that on what you love sextual ans tell your spouse so that you can be attractive to them more. Try new things with your spouse so that you can not always predict what's gonna happen.

Answered a year ago

This can honestly happen to anyone of us . The key is to be real with yourself and try to understand what is truly missing , what exactly you are in need of . What expectations do you have that are not being met . Once you understand what you are looking for & what you want in order to spark up that flame again .. you can sit down with your partner and share your feelings and ideas . Most of the time it gets dry in bed when both are too tired , over worked & too busy .. try to see what your partner is comfortable with , try to bring in some new things to the bed , music , dress up , bring food into it , bring toys , & change the setting . Be more open & with express what you want & like .. thereā€™s much more to this ..

Answered a year ago

Here are some suggestions for what to do if you're losing sexual affection for your spouse:

Communicate openly and honestly with your spouse about how you're both feeling. Have a caring conversation to understand each other's perspectives.

Seek marriage counseling. A counselor can help uncover any underlying issues and guide you both in improving intimacy, communication, and connection.

Schedule regular date nights to spend quality one-on-one time together without distractions. Rekindle emotional intimacy.

Try new activities together, like taking a class, joining a club, or taking a trip. Shared experiences can bring you closer.

Spice things up in the bedroom by being spontaneous, experimenting with new locations and positions, or exploring each other's desires through sensual massages.

Ensure you're both fulfilling each other's emotional needs for affection, validation, and support outside the bedroom too.

Check your physical and mental health. Stress, depression, body image issues, etc. can impact libido. Make self-care a priority.

Compromise and meet each other half-way when it comes to intimacy frequency and types of activities. Don't point fingers.

Consider seeing a sex therapist individually or as a couple if needed to address any dysfunctions.

Communication is key. With understanding and effort, you can rekindle your sexual bond over time. But don't force anything; go at your own pace.

Answered 6 months ago

Communicate how you feel with your partner. Be tactful as this is a very sensitive topic. Make sure you use wisdom. As you may hurt your partners feelings. Book a call with me and i will help you to express your feelings in the most diplomatic way.

Answered 4 months ago

It's important to openly communicate with your partner about your feelings and work together to find ways to rekindle the passion in your relationship.

Answered 4 months ago

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