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Hello. There are a lot of ways to market your F&B distribution business. I would recommend cold calling and e-mail restaurants, cafes, and bars in your area. Cold calling still works for your niche. Contact me so I can help you get started.

Hello, I work with Digital marketers as their sales consultant. Most of them do PPC ads, AdWords, or generate leads through Facebook ads. They do pay per lead but they also work with clients one on one with a fixed rate.
For example, I have worked with some that are generating Chiro, plastic surgery, and law-related leads, and what they do is to drive calls to their business but will charge the business per lead.

Again it depends, you can also work with companies that will pay you to help them monthly on a fixed rate instead of a conversion basis.

Yes, this is a great idea. You don’t need to have money in order to start a business but you need to spend the time to grow your business. Instagram and tiktok are some great places to get your brand out there so you can gain new signups.


This is a good idea. I think it’s great to have variety based on what you’re trying to do. Definitely would sound like a site people can sign up on and list their unsold items and with the right SEO you can attract these people and sell them memberships.

There are some really great templates on postermywall and I also use Canva for designs. I recommend checking both.

Hello, I work with many early start ups and can provide the tips you need. for example provides while labeled marketing products and they target businesses in the internet marketing industry. My recommendation would be to connect with specify store owners, and provide them with this opportunity. Please contact me so I can create a DIY marketing plan for you and also spend at lease 1 hour going through the sales process of how to cold call, and email these businesses.

It's great that you have this many years of experience. It's all about coming up with unique or innovative ways to get new opportunities and to start a business where it would work for you in the long run. I'd suggest a few things:

1. You can create a website with your portfolio and build up your online presence through on-page and off-page SEO.

2. Create an innovative style for your personal brand and this can be in the form of video reels.

3. If you'd like to sell a "product" using your skillset, you have to identify what it is that you'd see yourself passionate about even after 5 years. In this case where you have 15 years in the design industry, you can offer online courses in designing.

4. Use Pinterest, IG, and Tiktok to get new opportunities and organic traffic

5. Research is Key, even cold calling still works but you have to identify your prospect, pitching to everyone will not work.

6. Youtube, Tiktok, and even Pinterest have many resources to help you come up with new business ideas and also show you how to accomplish them.

7. Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, Designhill, Peopleperhour and many more sites are a great place for you to find projects. Check out my blog post on this it will help you a bunch

If you need any assistance with how to start a profitable business, schedule a time to chat with me.


Have you tried LinkedIn or Join Facebook Group for call centers.

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