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Have a give away at your both that they sign up for in exchange for their email address. When talking to people, talk about the problem you solve or their problems that you would solve. Having a signup sheet and gathering emails can be more lucrative then anything else.

Provide value up front, and at the end of the call, give them an irresistible offer using their own language solving their problems. Before you get off the call, get email and phone numbers and follow up with them at a predetermined time. Follow up with them, don't wait for them to contact you.

To find engagements, there are many ways.
1) search these websites

*There are other places to look based on industry like if you're a college Speaker or not.

2) search Facebook and LinkedIn for #CallForSpeakers and #CallForPresenters. Look at the posts and connect with the organizers. In the post will most likely be a website to apply.

I have written an entire guide on how to get booked on stages and on podcasts, including how to get booked for a TEDx. if you have any questions, let's book a call.

The #1 reason Uber has grown is because they redefined the industry and created a new market category which labeled them the category king. A category king redefines the way we live, do business, and operate. Combined with solving a unique problem and conditioning the market to receive that problem, they have been able to grow and scale quickly.

Remember, Uber operated for about 2-3 years in California before they became main stream. They have no cars yet they are the largest car service. It gave people a job and the freedom to do it when they want and how long they want. On all fronts, they redefined the way we live our life and that's what makes them the Category King. No matter what Lyft does, they will never overtake Uber because they weren't first and they didn't redesign an industry to create their own category.

You grow the business by Positioning yourself as the subject matter expert with credibility and authority in your category. First step is to create a problem that only you can solve. Once you know the problem you solve, frame the problem in a way that your market understands and then condition the market to receive you and the problem you solve. Once you condition the market, sell the problem not the solution.

If you have any questions, let's book a call.

The calls you have is about learning what you can about that person and what they are experiencing. Use their own language and sell them what they want but give them what they need. Ford said if he would have listened to his market they would have wanted him to make faster horses. Now we have the car. You market doesn't lie, they tell you what they are experiencing and what they want. Solve their problem.

You can search for Associations that work within your topic of the book, you can get booked on podcasts, or even get booked for a TEDx talk.

The best way to get booked is:
1) what is your message to the world
2) who needs to hear this
3) where do they hang out

Answer these questions and you are on the path to getting booked. I wrote an entire guide on how to get booked to speak.

The ones I know of are:

Or just google or search on social media #CallForSpeakers or #CallForPresenters

I wrote an entire guide on how to get booked to speak. Let me know if you have questions.

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