How do I get paid public speaking engagements?

I've done over 400 free speaking engagements for corporations, in exchange for the opportunity to promote my services (personal training). Now, I'd like to start doing paid speaking gigs. I've done 4 paid speaking engagements in the past, but they kind of just fell into my lap. I'd like to be more deliberate about it.


You have a great start but first I would suggest places where you failed to build your portfolio, your problem is that people do not trust you and are not interested in products or services.
i guess you are a younger person who wants to break into the market.
Here are some tips for you personally
1. Bring value to the market (create free promotional packages for your services or products)
2. Build social credit
(Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn)
3. build trust - review, comments, video review,
4. Build sales and create smaller groups of people who trust you
5. Arrange paid public speaking engagements
If you want me to help you further and follow your work, feel free to call me so that you can progress quickly in your career. My experience counts over 50 speeches on stage. if my words mean anything to you, order my call. Best regards

Answered 4 years ago

I'd create a website about yourself. List the previous free speaking engagements you have done, maybe in a portfolio style.

Create a blog and begin content marketing. Answer questions companies are researching on Google about hiring a speaker. Rank for those keywords and the organic traffic will come in and people will find out about you on autopilot. That is the beauty of proper SEO done right.

You could also have each previous speaking engagement be its own blog post and rank for the topics you were speaking about. That is the strategy I would go with.

Have calls to action on your website to get them to schedule a consultation over the phone with you for a paid speaking gig.

If you do this right you will have an automatic system in place that pulls prospects in and closes them as they read your blog posts and see that you know what you are talking about.

Answered 4 years ago

Read Allan Weiss - he has sales processes for consultants - one of which is getting speaking engagements.
Specialize - specialize - specialize. Be really clear on what people get out of your speaking that is special to you (they can't get it anywhere else). Join associations and give a free 20-minute teaser and then at the end that you go into more detail at your speaking sessions (which you can rent a location and charge admission or solicit companies to have you come in).

Good luck!

Answered 4 years ago

Hey there! This topic is what we at The Success Corps Academy specialize in. We get Speakers booked on Podcasts, Virtual Summits, and Live Events, including TEDx.

Step 1 is to create a problem only you can solve. You have to have a hook that people want. The bigger the problem you solve, the more money you can command. This is where you specialize, like we specialize in getting people booked to speak. Find out what problem you solve and drill deep into that, then market the problem, not the solution.

Step 2 is to condition the market to receive that problem. Sell the value of the results you deliver. People run away from problems and they want results.

Step 3 is to market your value. You do this through content marketing, guesting on podcasts, launching a podcast, launching a blog, launching a course, or launching a book. What can you give the audience they can't get anywhere else?

If you need more answers, I have an entire guide dedicated to this topic that consistently gets Speakers booked. If you want us to get you booked, we can do that too. Let's talk and see if it works for you.

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Sean Douglas

Answered 4 years ago

You will have to train under someone who knows the process and is experienced in getting the foundation of paid engagements platform. To eliminate the guess work and to prevent spinning your wheels and the run around game, I suggest contacting Eric Anderson, and have a consult with him and then make your necessary moves for proceeding forward in your career. Best regards.

Answered 4 years ago

Here are some tips for you to get hired as a paid speaker. The key is to use “inbound advertising and marketing” strategies — that is, attracting capacity clients to you. You can do this in approaches:

1. You can ask contacts and the organizations for which you did free speaking, who already know and like you to recommend you as a speaker. For instance, a client might recommend you as a speaker for the professional association she belongs to, or a friend who spoke at a conference last year may suggest you to the organizers. Make sure that you have all the high-quality videos of your speaking which you did in past, as well as a list of your topics, as those are the first things any organizer will ask to see.

2. You shall create a blog and start content advertising and marketing. Answer questions groups are studying on google approximately hiring a speaker. Rank for those keywords and the organic traffic will are available in and people will find out about you on autopilot. As an example, I as soon as wrote a web article for the Harvard enterprise review approximately how to devise your professional improvement for the year. That article caught the eye of an expert affiliation that asked if I may want to do a (paid) webinar on the subject, which I can live for more than 600 attendees, exposing me to an entirely new audience.

If you are intersted to create your online brand using website or blog, I can help you to quickly set it up.

Answered 4 years ago

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