Launched my first startup yesterday and didn't get as much momentum as expected. What is one area of marketing would you focus on?

Yesterday I launched my first startup via Indiegogo. Numerous things unraveled, including IGG itself crashing. We do have $970 of support, which I am thankful for. Our initial goal is to get to $6,000. By doing so, we'll be able to offer other startups, bloggers, and internet entrepreneurs web hosting with: 1. A control panel to optimize site speed and increase page value with improved SEO ranking. 2. A safety switch that automatically allocates free resources at the first sign of a traffic surge or DDoS attack. 3. Direct access to friendly technical support to minimize wait times. 4. Increased security to better handle malicious hacker attacks and privacy invasions. If we are able to reach $250,000, we'll be able to created a free shared hosting plan. This will greatly help our audience we want to serve as they can launch a project without fearing it will crash on them (as we experienced with Indiegogo). What we have going for us: 1. An email list of 240. Some saying they would back us at the $1,700 level. 2. A prominent person in the SEO industry who said they would spread the word once we get backed. 3. Willingness to give a commission up to 20% of what someone helps us raise. 4. ~$500 for advertising What I'm considering: 1. Influencer/Blogger outreach to those that share our audience 2. PR - less focused, but gives stronger credibility signals 3. Sending personal, video emails to each person on our email list asking to back us. Maybe stand on our head to get attention :). 4. Do a secondary "launch" within the same campaign. If it helps, you can view our campaign at -> What one area of marketing would you suggest I focus on? Thanks in advance!


Good luck! Forget about SEO. This is just a temporary improvement. Not worth your effort right now specially if you have to pay. If is free, take it as long as it doesn't distract you with "useless busy" work.

Focus on the emails. This has huge upside potential!!

A video is a powerful tool that automatically enables you to connect with those who share your interests and can make people find you simply because they like you. This also reassures them that you haven't forgotten about them, that you are doing what you can but also need the communities help. Share this on all your social networks.

Leverage the power and newly harnessed interest of Periscope or Meerkat of both and announce(schedule) through Twitter a video pitch of what you trying to do. This will get you potential viral spread if you ask your viewers to use a hashtag or to simply tweet your live streaming.

If you have backers you're doing something right, you just have to now drive traffic to the campaign. Not really work on the pitch itself... Now you're in the numbers business...

Humberto Valle
Best of luck.

Answered 9 years ago

That's one fallacy that entrepreneurs make in their bid to gain quick attention. Rather than trying to focus on that one part of marketing you should focus on creating an "Integrated Marketing Plan" and try to break that into smaller steps. Take one step at a time and you'll reach where you intend to be.

It will help you achieve robust growth than an hollow one based on some inorganic gimmick. Let me know if there's something I can help you out with.

Answered 9 years ago

You've landed on plan b, congratulations. Go personal with all your messaging. This means offline as well. I can't tell you how many times businesses come to us thinking "social media marketing" is the answer.

Your product involves humans to make a purchase, therefore... Use those relationships. If you have some key relationships, do a webinar or Google hangout and broadcast for users to see or hear more about what it is you're offering. We found this to be very helpful with the recent education client that we had.

I'd also recommend getting around people already raised a fair bit I'm out of money (voice text) sorry.

Answered 9 years ago

THE most important part of crowdfunding is early momentum. You need to groom your friends and family and get people lined up to donate the moment your campaign goes live. Most crowdfunding efforts don't pay off, and those that do are a full-time job to get to the finish line.

Offer consistent updates both on the site and through your email list. Contact specific people individually. I've had many friends and colleagues go through crowdfunding and they usually either hit the mark very early or it's totally down to the wire. In two recent cases, the final funding came through in the last few hours and came after NON-STOP work by the folks behind the campaigns.

Good luck.

Answered 9 years ago

I think it is an excellent strategy to try to get more influencers/bloggers to promote what you are doing. By getting the attention of these individuals you can leverage their audiences via guest blogging, webinars and other promotional activities.

As a specialist in content strategy, I can give you some in-depth ideas that can drive better results. NOTE: you must already have the connections that you need (or be willing to make some new ones) in order to make this strategy work.

If you want evidence on how well this works, just look to all of the IM guys who create big launches and sell millions of dollars of products within the first few days of a launch. Having other bloggers/influencers on their side is a major reason why.

Answered 9 years ago

With regards to marketing, you should target all aspects of social media with a blitzkrieg. Use your keywords conservatively and hit on the hot topic buttons. Although SEO takes a while to get going, it can be very valuable in the long run with this campaign. You can not only use your startup SEO keywords but also use the hot topic media buzz words as well. Point all ads to your Indiegogo account and update your social media every day at least 3 times. Ask people to like, share comment etc etc to expands your reach. Best of luck.

Answered 9 years ago

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