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There's a few things I've done in the past which has converted and something which may fit into your culture.

1. Remove friction by asking BETTER questions of what they need help with. The power of a question.

2. Answer the question. Give them MORE than what they are asking for. If you want them to trust you, start a relationship, PROVE to them you care.

3. Follow up. How did it work out or setup a skype to chat wit them. Get to know more about THEM so you can navigate what it is they REALLY need.

4. Patience. It's like fishing. Sometimes you get a good run, sometimes it's dry. Keep hustling! Keep helping!

Cheers mate.

You've landed on plan b, congratulations. Go personal with all your messaging. This means offline as well. I can't tell you how many times businesses come to us thinking "social media marketing" is the answer.

Your product involves humans to make a purchase, therefore... Use those relationships. If you have some key relationships, do a webinar or Google hangout and broadcast for users to see or hear more about what it is you're offering. We found this to be very helpful with the recent education client that we had.

I'd also recommend getting around people already raised a fair bit I'm out of money (voice text) sorry.

I'm a bitly fan as well as a custom campaign advocate. Track every link with where it is placed. This has been a game changer with clients. Easy Google Template to get you going. Essentially you can monitor which link is getting the best traction on which network. It's not just about focusing on the link but about which network works best for the link.

hope that make sense.

Gandeep is right on in what he is saying regarding Facebook ad spends. I'd recommend having a look at this blog that will walk you through how to direct businesses to allow you to manage their ad spend. It's not well explained but this should help answer your question.

1. Use unbounce app or something similar to design your landing page. I've seen too many clients spend piles of money on Twitter and Facebook ads only to watch it vanish with shitty landing pages.

2. Hire a professional to design your ads, manage campaigns and remarket (if using Facebook) using emails and website data.

3. Create value for them to want your product. Free giveaway, Ebooks download or study on baby food. Be human about how it benefits them. Be helpful, if your only trying to make money, people know.

4. Create a video campaign and blogs outlining the benefits of the food. The story, how it was made and why it's better than anything else.

5. Test it with local paediatricians. Let them in on the pre release and get their feedback. Use offline relationships to build online amplification.

Hope that helps. I'm sure others will have some other great thoughts too

Have you considered advertising on social networks? Find the network they seem to be on, create free guides, Ebooks or white papers that benefit their company.

They click your ad, or they sign up on your blog and now you have trust.

Create great shit and they'll come knocking on your door.

1. Sell all your shit to get enough money to pay someone.

2. Invest in yourself to code as mentioned above and do it yourself.

3. These guys above are seasoned entrepreneurs and the can attest it will take everything you got to execute an idea. If you can't sell out, keep doing what you're doing.

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