How can I best promote my Android app?

I made an Android app that connects people based off mutual interest. The app has been out for about a month and I have had about 15 people try it out. I need people more to try it out to get validation that it is something people want. Advice, feedback, recommendations; any insight would help. Go to google play search the name just like this "thatsme"


The Big question is how do you get people to use the app -

There is a tonne of ways really, but it really depends on what you want - more users is very broad

Who is your target market

age, gender, demographics

--- once you have this ---

where do you find these people - communities? social networks?

what apps are they already using?

what simliar apps to yours have the largest active users?
How long have they been around?
how do they market their app and to who?

what is your engagement rate of the apps users?

How long do they use it, when do they close it, do they uninstall it - if so why?


once you have all these questions you can at least start te basic marketing -

be careful paying for marketing most are complete scams - dont try and cheat active users - imagine it like this, someone sends me your app - if i dont meet the target market above then you app has 0 chance with me - and this is the case for most - aim for targeted marketing - Your app is your business - your active users are your customers - market your business to the right customers, treat your customers right and over time you cannot fail.

Answered 5 years ago

Are you targeting a specific group of people who would benefit most from this app?

What does it do other than "connect based on mutual interest"?

Answered 5 years ago

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