Which business method(s) or strategies is required to make an online business successful?

I started a branding / graphic design business, but it is takings it’s time to pick up, and I am still funding it, but all the while requests for domain registration and hosting has been accompanying branding requests. I am thinking of adding a hosting platform, but strongly need a business strategy, marketing and other guidance, as I would like to hit the ground running with that. What is/are the strategies for such a business? Who can I talk to?


I would like to ask before answering
1)what type of online bussiness ?
2)what is your bussiness targets in midterm or Long terms
3)financial issues ?
And your trartget market
I'd would say it based on the industry and bussiness targets and management of your bussiness .first your bussiness model is determined by your goals and bussiness strategies in accordance to your bussiness needs .here some tips to understood your bussiness model compatibility to your bussiness needs
1) identify your bussiness needs vs market size
2)identity bussiness from consumer end
3) restructuring your bussiness model in accordance to maketing driven data like her some of makting research reports to make it but your tartget industry nature determining your bussiness model

Answered 3 years ago

Start out by tracking metrics and customer behaviors. Use these metrics to produce automatic campaigns that will lead more clients in your direction.

Spend your time on good copywriting that tells your prospects exactly why to buy.

Use Facebook Ads to send you leads that are interested in your business.

Tweak and improve your copy, your funnel design, your ads until your client acquisition cost is cheaper than your ad spend (profitable ads).

The goal is to make $5-$10 dollars for ever $1 invested in marketing. That's a 5 to 10 x return... meaning five times your investment or ten times your investment (in your pocket). Too much lower than 5x and you won't be profitable.

You'll need the profit to reinvest in your ad spend. That's how you can grow your business faster (send more traffic to your funnel, convert more leads (get emails), reach profitability faster by growing your email subscribers faster).

After you have built up your email list, you can remarket to them, educate them, sell new products and services.

And just like with music... no matter how much an artist or band sucks... they always have some listeners and fans. So even if you're not good at marketing yet, you'll still make some sales (as long as your email list is big enough and it's targeted).

Book a free consultation if you have more questions. I'm available for calls between 2PM and 5PM M-F.

Answered 3 years ago

I would suggest that if this is an issue of getting more money in a shorter period of time I suggest hiring you a business coach. This will cut down on your frustration and get you the results you seek quickly.

One the other hand, if it is a matter of visibility and attracting your desired audience then this may be something that a mentor can help you put in motion.

Answered 3 years ago

You will have to first establish the target audience for the business according to the medium of marketing on social media your aiming to use.
Strategically it would be of better effort to fast publish the exact type of business, nature of business and the goals of the business.
If the business is short term goal oriented or long term as well even the structure of engagement with your clients will matter.
The branding strategy is also another code of marketing that appeals and creates easy flow of whatever the product your marketing to the world.
You can achieve this through calculative awareness policy that I can teach you on a phone call. you can book me am available anytime.
Thank you

Answered 3 years ago

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