How to generate more leads through business?


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In short...

Generate more traffic and be sure to have a way to capture email addresses.

Your strategy to generate traffic will change depending on many factors, like the type of business, what you're selling, your budget and your competition.

That being said, most businesses can use Facebook Ads or Google Ads to quickly boost their traffic. Paid advertising is generally the cheapest and fastest method to generating enough leads to reach profitability and growth.

After you have the traffic, you can use your metrics to make improvements to your page copy, funnel design and page performance (namely load speed).

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I am the Managing Director of a $100m Technology company and I have recently written 2 blogs which you may find useful. The first talks through the Sales Funnel concept:

The 2nd outlines all my major learnings from the past 20 years:

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To obtain more leads and attract more traffic to your domain you must stand out among the norm. What is it that sets you apart? What benefits do you offer that your competitors are not? Who do you serve that others are not serving? When you answer these questions, then you take those answers and use them to plan your next move. Business is like a game of chess. You need a better strategy that leads to the better move. If you need more assistance, I will be glad to discuss further with you.

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You can generate leads using the following ways:
Direct Engagement
Generate Leads on LinkedIn
Advertise and Retarget
Ask for Referrals from Current Customers
Write Guest Blogs
Rank in search engines to generate leads
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It really depends on the niche of your business. The more you can niche down the better because it will save more money for marketing and getting leads. Once you have defined your niche, you then need to come up with your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) which will distinguish you from your competition. Once you have both your niche and USP down then you can start with marketing efforts to get leads. If you are focusing on business-to-business types of leads, I strongly recommend LinkedIn. If you don't have much of a marketing budget to spend on paid advertisement, LinkedIn allows you to make many connections and join groups whereby you can promote your business. Though of course, if you can afford it, paid advertisement is very effective, especially if you have some type of sales funnel already built.

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