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I am a Compliance and Quality Assurance Professional providing an array of services such as policy and procedures development, training facilitation, management & leadership support, and Board Governance Training. MBA Healthcare Mgmt; MA Sociology; BA Sociology & Political Science.

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Hello, please specify-- give an example of how you know that they are losing motivation-- are they not meeting daily expectations regarding productivity? Are they complaining? What is it that they are doing that signals to you that they are losing motivation? With a bit more info, I can offer guidance that may more precisely address the issue.

Hello! Sounds like you want advice regarding things such as forex? If you meant something different (such as working from home opportunities, then please clarify). Regarding trading and new opportunities, here's an article that can get you going. Also please note that there isn't any get rich quick solution-- it is about patience and persistence no matter what you pursue:

Find a mentor and just start! It doesn't necessarily start with an idea-- it is really about understanding what is needed and then research, analyze, and plan! Get in a room with people who are already there, and make friends with people who are on their way, just like you :-). Read, study, check out, get onto Linkedin, learn more about how some of the greatest ideas were built and learn about the creator, founder's story, and just get to it :-)

Hi, I would love to answer this question-- please make it a bit more clear so that I can be sure of exactly what you would like to know :-)

Hi! so sorry to learn that you are going through this! I have some information for you in the following link HOWEVER please note that I am not a Doctor or Medical professional (I do work in healthcare and I have an MBA in Healthcare Mgmt)-- I am a researcher and sociologist and I personally use the following website for valuable health info. Consult your doctor before taking any type of herbal remedy or supplement. Keep a list of all your medications, supplements, and herbal remedies. Purchase herbal supplements from reputable sources to avoid contamination and unhealthy ingredients. You may wish to get a second opinion from another doctor as well, as sometimes I find that certain doctors struggle with working in partnership with their patients, especially when the patient is a woman AND when they may be a woman of color due to underlying biases, etc. Some doctors are more open to holistic approaches to health as well. Without further ado, here is the link to the info, and please be safe and well!! Find a healthcare professional that listens and understands that you are in charge of your health :-): Request a call with me so that we can discuss this further within my lines of expertise-

So sorry to learn that this is happening to you!
You did right by asking this person to stop, however, they persisted! Follow this link for a video and guide to help you block this person so that you can get back to enjoying Twitter!!! :-)

Hello. First, please allow me to ask you-- where did you learn about Invexlab?

I have served in the nonprofit field for over 10 years. Have you considered working for a nonprofit human service agency that serves at-risk children? Nonprofit employees may receive full, competitive paychecks! Because you are a trained teacher, you would fit the criteria for a care manager role and/or a direct care role. There are other options/roles as well within the field. These jobs have continued to be available through COVID-19 emergency regulations, and some employees work from home as a result OR they are working from home and they are doing a few days in the office as well. Would you like to schedule a call for more detailed guidance?

Hello, I see that this question was posted 2 months ago-- are you still seeking an answer to it?

Hi there! Here's an awesome article with a wealth of information on the topic (HAPPY READING!!!):
If you want to discuss this topic in more depth and provide more info about yourself to build a strategic plan to help you take steps forward, then I look forward to speaking with you soon! Strategic Planning and Research are my strong suits! Let's talk :-)

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